Course Schedule 2, 2018

Session 2: 23 July – 3 August

Unless stated teaching takes place on week days only.

Please note that when you register and collect your materials on arrival in the Summer School office NTC rm. 1.03, you will then be provided with your specific classroom number/location.

0815 - 0945

2A Mathematics for Social Scientists, Part 2

Tues and Thurs: 1800 - 2030

1000 - 1330

2C Advanced Survey Data Analysis and Survey Experiments

2F Exploration and Analysis of Social Media Data

2H Mixed Methods Research

2I Applying Discourse Theory: Politics, Ideology, Populism

2L Generalized Linear Models

2P Web Scraping and Data Management in R

2N Ethnography and Ethnographic Models

2G Panel Data Analysis for Comparative Research

1415 - 1745

2B Quantitative Data Analysis with R

2D Qualitative Analysis: Case Study Methods

2E Multilevel Analysis with Applications

2J Survival Analysis and Event History Modelling

2K Data Visualisation

2M Identifying Causation through Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research

2R Advanced Social Network Analysis – Statistical Analysis for Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Social Network Analysis (17.5hrs / week 1 only)
Week 1 only