Royce Carroll is a Professor in Comparative Politics at the University of Essex. His research focuses on representation and legislative politics, as well as methods to analyse political choices, attitudes, preferences and ideology. He has previously taught at Rice University. He is co-author of the scaling method textbook Analyzing spatial models of choice and judgment with R (2014), as well as many articles on related topics.

Journal Articles:

“Recovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales in R” with Keith T. Poole, Jeffrey B. Lewis, James Lo and Howard Rosenthal. 2016 Journal of Statistical Software, 69(1)

“Using Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling to Study Citizens’ Ideological Preferences and Perceptions,” with David Armstrong, Ryan Bakker, Chris Hare, and Keith T. Poole. 2015. American Journal of Political Science, 59(3)

“The Structure of Utility in Spatial Models of Voting,” with Keith T. Poole, Howard Rosenthal, Jeffrey B. Lewis and James Lo, 2013. American Journal of Political Science, 57(4)