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– Before Applying, Please read carefully our list of course descriptions and the list of fees for our courses (each course has a separate fee).

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Essex PG students need to enrol via Proficio in addition to the form below. Please contact the summer school office if you need assistance with this.

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General Information

Private information

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The University of Essex is registered under the terms of the Data Protection Act to enable it to hold and process personal data about its participants. These data comprise details about admission, academic background, course registration and academic progress while at the University. They also include information collected by the University for the purposes of equal opportunities monitoring. The University will process these data for various administrative, academic and health and safety purposes. The data will be kept secure and accurate and will only be disclosed to people who have a need to know in accordance with the University’s registration under the Act.

Academic / Institution Information

Background Knowledge

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Course Selection

Fees: Course fees are described here.

Schedule: The course schedules for each session can be found here. Morning courses are 10:00-13:30 UK time. Afternoon 14:15-17:45 UK time. These times are now final. 

Sessions: Session 1 – Monday 13 to Friday 24 July 2020, Session 2 – Monday 27 July to Friday 7 August 2020, Session 3 – Monday 10 to Friday 21 August 2020

Note: the following courses will no longer be offered in 2020: 

1E1G1N1Q2L2L2N2S2T3P 3D



– Select no more than one afternoon and one morning course for each session you will attend.

– Note that full-day courses 1R and 2Q include morning and afternoon sessions and cannot be taken in conjunction with an afternoon or morning course that occurs simultaneously. 

– Maths classes begin at 8:15 am every morning and is offered free of charge with any paid course. Participants are encouraged to attend these lectures if they feel they need supplementary maths instruction.

– Intro to R (4 hours) takes place the Sunday before each session and can be taken in conjunction with any course.

– If you have questions about the application, please contact the summer school office by email before completing your application.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Accommodation Requirements

Please note that ESS 2020 will be delivered online. Therefore the accommodation section of this form below should be left blank.