General Information
Longer synopses of the courses selected by applicants, including teaching notes and obligatory preparation if the Instructor sees fit, are available for download on each course website. Participants should do the basic reading for their courses in advance.
Participants are advised to purchase core books beforehand and bring them to the Summer School. The Summer School Library and the Albert Sloman Library both provide a limited number of copies of the textbooks.

All courses are subject to cancellation. Applicants will normally be informed of any cancellation by mid-June before the Summer School begins.

Choosing Courses
The Essex Summer School offers an intensive learning environment. Each course consists of three and a half hours of teaching per day. Participants are advised to calculate additional time for readings and homework.
It is possible to attend a morning and an afternoon course per session. Applicants should understand that this will be demanding. Please read the short course information carefully and take it seriously. Though it is possible to change courses on the first day of each session (if they are not fully booked) your course choice should be based on the best information available.

For best learning success, participants should have the background knowledge necessary to follow a course. The Instructors’ specifications of the prior knowledge expected of participants before they embark on a course appear at the end of the course descriptions for each session. Instructors will assume that everyone doing their course has the required background knowledge.

Anyone who is uncertain about whether a course is appropriate for their needs or their background should contact the Summer School office for advice. Instructors reserve the right to exclude a participant who does not have the required background.

Can I Gain Credits for Taking a Course?
Courses are not automatically examined although provision can be made to take a Single Course Exam in most courses at a cost of £100.00. Exams can only be booked and paid for on arrival.