Single Course Exams Courses are not automatically examined although provision can be made to take a Single Course Exam in all standard (2 week format) 35hr courses running at the Essex University campus at a cost of £100.00. Exams can only be booked and paid for on arrival

When students pass the single course exams for a two week 35-hour course, the University of Essex grants 15 ECTS credits. Participants from countries participating in the Bologna scheme should be able to use these credits for their M.A. at their home university. Please inquire to your home university for further information on this process. The summer school office has no information about which universities accept ECTS credits from the University of Essex. If your institution requires that fewer than 15 credits are transferred please contact the summer school office when applying.

Exams will typically be split into 2 sections, the first to be completed on campus in exam conditions on the evening of the last Thursday of your session and the second as a take home exam to be completed and returned to the summer school office via e-mail 1 week after your departure.

Due to the marking structure the participant will receive a provisional result around October – November. However, the final result, certificate, and award of credits from the University cannot be provided until after an exam board the following February.